Island Builder’s Handbook

In a realtopian vision to solve the problem of self-awareness, PARADISE gives practical advice on how to find one’s own nucleus, a natural core deep inside one’s self that only a few people have had access to. Written as a fairytale but straightforward as a gray-world narration, you are invited to cut loose and free yourself from the baggage of contemporary hedonism to arrive at a place that matters and welcomes everyone. There, you’ll find nucleus and start radiating who you really are. Your core is your island, the more you are the stronger you radiate, the more you attract other cores and the more connections you’ll make. This book is for the makers who dare to dream, for the dreamers who dare to make… reality their companion and themselves a dream come true.

None of us really changes over time. We only become more fully what we are. — Anne Rice (The Vampire Lestat)

I’m Alexander Kluge and you have no reason to not be interested in PARADISE if exploring yourself and living out the potential you have inside you is what makes you breathe faster, laugh harder and smile more often. Only thinking of new challenges to take makes your skin tingle and your belly get wings. If this sounds like you, welcome. If not, maybe you’re interested in my mind-building vault.

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It’s scary to face yourself, it’s an adventure on its own. It’s like looking in the mirror and all you see are pimpels, scars and facial scratches. If you’re not ready for that, that’s ok. But I’m telling you if you are able to see past the superficiality of your mirrored self and look beyond the craters of your skin, you’ll encounter not only more thick skin and dirt but in the inside - surrounded by a small but deep pond - you’ll see with your own eyes the only trophy that will always matter to you, the key to identity happiness and the healing of self-inflicted pain. If you’re ready to explore deeper and dig harder, you’ll see your core and become your core. „As a result, you will feel empowered to live a happier life“ and heal those un-cored.

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